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This series has been given the name of one of the most vibrant mantras of modern India, Vande Mataram, Salutation to Mother India. It is a reflection on India’s essential spirit and its contribution to the world in the context of true human unity.
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Bande Mataram
Hard Cover
48 pages

€ 1.50    

Towards Universal Fraternity
Soft cover
ISBN 81-87373-08-3
€ 1.60    

India's Self-Denial
Soft cover
72 pages
ISBN 81-87373-12-1
€ 2.10    

The Portals of Vedic Knowledge
58 Pages
Soft Cover
ISBN: 81-87373-19-9
€ 1.30    

India In The World
Hard cover
56 pages
ISBN 81-87373-17-2
€ 2.00    


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